New and improved Story Creator.

August 25, 2019
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I just uploaded a new version of the Story Creator, and its pretty sweet!

The main improvements:

1. Import/Export – you can now export and download your story’s configuration in a JSON format so you can back it up.

You can also import story configurations, so if your story gets ruined for any reason, you can import one of your backed up versions and go from there.

I am working on a standalone version of the Story Teller (the page where you read stories), so combined with the Export feature, you’ll be able to host your stories on your own site.

2. Story Part Collapse/Expand – Stories with a lot of parts can become confusing, each story part can now be collapsed and expanded.. so you can collapse any part you’re not currently working on and expand the ones you need.
I also added a Collapse all and an Expand all buttons.

3. updated design – I made some tweaks to the look and feel of the page, hope you like it 😀

As always, I’ll keep you posted as I progress with the project

Happy Writing,

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