Chain story stuck? Take over!

June 24, 2018
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I added a small, but important feature to the platform today (while on the train)!

From the “Chain Story” section of the profile page, you can now take over the continuation link of Chain Stories you started.

This feature is great for stories that get stuck (Link lost, Writer not responding etc…).

Note: taking over a chain story makes the previous continuation link invalid.

I also added the name of each contributor (when reading the story) next to the part he\she added.. that way you’ll know who to blame 😛

Coming soon: I am working on a feature that allows the initial creator of a chain story to limit the number of parts.
Contributors of the story will know what part, and out of how many parts, they are adding, the last person will have the fun of writing the ending.

Also, I am working on Open Chain Stories, where writers will be able to read the full story previous to their contribution before adding their part.

The owner (the person that creates the story) will be able to play with these settings upon initial story creation.


Would love to know what you guys think!

More to come,


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